01. Police are trying to [locate] a little girl who got separated from her parents while shopping.
02. Our dog ran off while we were at the park, and we haven't been able to [locate] him.
03. Our office is [located] just across the street from the Eaton Center.
04. The housing complex is conveniently [located] near a shopping plaza.
05. The exact [location] of the President's vacation spot is unknown.
06. The movie is being filmed in a number of different [locations] in and around Memphis.
07. The downtown [location] of the office building makes it an attractive investment.
08. Rescue forces have as yet been unable to [locate] the plane that crashed into the forest yesterday evening.
09. Arthur Koestler once said that creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are [located] in the same individual.
10. Apparently, a shrimp's heart is [located] in its head.
11. In 1993, scientists [located] the largest known concentration of active volcanoes, which are on the sea floor in the South Pacific.
12. Ukraine is now the largest country which is [located] completely in Europe.
13. The first airplane landed at the geographic [location] of the North Pole in May of 1952.
14. The computer mouse lets you control the [location] of the pointer on your screen.
15. Our sense of hearing allows us to identify and [locate] objects in our path.
16. If you accept the job, you may have to [relocate] to Boston.
17. We are considering [relocating] our headquarters from Chicago to Seattle because so much of our business now is with countries in the Pacific Rim.
18. [Locating] the wreckage of the plane that crashed will be difficult unless the weather clears up.
19. My company [relocated] me to their new head office in Oklahoma City.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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